SXSW 2016: President Barack Obama Keynote Conversation

Time and again we have seen politicians let us down and do not really show why they claim a post in the public service in the first place. Therefore, it almost seems like a privilege when a society can count on brilliant minds that happen to be holding a post in the public administration. I am not advocating for Mr. Obama, but I can not deny I was particularly impressed by his ability to read the trends, engage people and always keep an eye open to the future.

Before an audience of creators, early adopters and entrepreneurs who are defining the future of our connected lives, he left an invite to applying ideas and talents to make technology work for the people – particularly to tackle big challenges like increasing participation in the political process and fighting climate change.

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Innovation Marathon #09: What happens when Lean Startup meets Design Thinking?

We’ve been talking and experiencing Design Thinking for a while now. And if you’ve been playing around with DT as well, you might agree that from the outside it seems a very simple process. No surprise there are plenty of DT courses popping around everywhere one looks these days. Although very positive, this is also a bit awkward as most of them tend to concentrate on the positiveness of the research phase, and just briefly touch ideation all the way through prototyping and implementing. Continue reading “Innovation Marathon #09: What happens when Lean Startup meets Design Thinking?”